Clean Up Your Toys!

Clean Up Your Toys!


Chances are whether you are a parent or not, you have either heard or said, “clean up your toys!” As an adult, you have your own set of toys and they definitely need cleaned up—in more ways than one.   Adult toys are fun, but lets face it, they are dirty. Not only do we need to put toys away after use, but we also need to clean and sanitize them. Thank goodness there are many products on the market to clean our toys and keep them safe to use any time we wish.

Before and After Antibacterial Adult Toy Cleaner Spray will ensure clean use before and after. Spray-on, wipe dry, and have peace of mind that the toy is ready to use.

There are many sprays like this on the market, like LoveWorks‘ 4 in 1 Misting Toy Spray and Smart Cleaner Misting. There are also foam cleaners that spray on and wipe off with a foaming coverage, instead of a mist, like Smart Cleaner Foaming and Foaming Masturbator and Toy Sanitizer. Climax Burst Antibacterial Toy leaner has a very phallic shape that makes want sex, even after you are cleaning up from it. It’s a very sexy bottle. GROWL.

Many Toy Cleaner companies also offer sanitizing wipes to help you easily clean up your toys, which are very convenient for the sex-on-the-run type. Coco Liscious Intimate Wipes are actually for self-cleansing, which also needs to be done before and after sex toys are used.

Cleaners come in sprays, foams, gels, concentrated powders, wipes and there ais a vast market, waiting for you to chose your items. No matter what kind you choose to clean your toys with, it is important to choose something. Unclean routines during sex can lead to unnecessary illness, disease, and rashes. Keep your body clean and “clean up your toys” is one way to maintain a safe environment — the other is to add condoms for additional cleanliness and safety.